Thank you to all those who have given such positive feedback to the course they have attended - it's much appreciated. Please click on the link to see more great comments. Course comments

"Refreshing I.C.T training explained in a no nonsense way that didn’t have us (technophobes) running for the door. In the past we have trawled through the app store to find apps/programmes that were helpful with planning that enabled us to embrace technology the students were already comfortable with however in order for us to utilise the ipads in our classrooms we were unaware of how to take the next step. What we took from the training was that we no longer felt limited by the Ipad and see it as a tool to engage. Lee didn’t just reel off a list of apps but explained what we could get out of them, how they lend themselves to different classroom situations and how some help you look at planning lessons in a whole new way e.g. ‘Kinectimals’-virtual pet, for non-chronological reports, descriptions and instruction writing. Some apps like ‘Evernote’ and ‘dropbox’ were a revelation as they took away the problems we were having with Ipads in the classroom allowing us to save work/pictures without having to back up to hard copies anymore. Apps as a tool to engage e.g. ‘Autorap’ for times tables, ‘Video star’ to make movies, ‘Maths v zombies’ and ‘Marble maths’ are already creating excitement in our classrooms. Listing apps that have been tried and tested was a great time saver. We would love more info on blogging and twitter and how these could hurl us technophobes into the next century.
Thanks again Lee."

Castleview Primary, Runcorn.

"Reflecting on @ICT_MrP's iPad training course - it is because he is a practising primary school teacher that made it so real. Lots of brilliant ideas shared."

Cheadle Heath Primary School.

"Over the last few months I have been an avid follower of Lee on Twitter and a dedicated reader of his exceptional blog about I pads in education. I can absolutely say that just these two things have had an extremely positive impact on not only the children that I teach but also the other teachers at my school, as we have strived, inspired by Lee’s example, to embed ICT within our whole curriculum. I have recently been fortunate enough to attend both an evening session and a full day course, run enthusiastically by Lee, and I am still bursting with inspiration, ideas and motivation, days later! Lee’s course will not only inspire teachers but offer them a wealth of invaluable ideas, not for ‘Ipad lessons’ but for successfully integrating ICT across the wider curriculum that can be easily adapted! Lee ‘gets it’ when leading his courses because he is a teacher himself! Lee’s courses are a must for all teachers, not just ICT Co-ordinators."

Christopher May, ICT Co-ordinator, St Christopher's Stockport.

"If you need iPad training for staff in your school, then you should look no further than Lee Parkinson. His sessions are engaging and practical and are illustrated with a wide range of examples for how he has used iPads to enhance learning across the curriculum at his own school. His knowledge and experience in this area is vast and this was a great resource to us as a school starting out on the iPad journey.”

Karen Owens - Deputy Head - Mosspits Lane Primary.

"Lots of positive feedback from staff following your ipad training. Teachers and TAs now have a greater understanding of how ipads can be used as a teaching tool across the curriculum. We are all now motivated to embrace the challenge of realising the potential of the ipads at The Friars!"

Pat Arnold - Headteacher - The Friars.

"The training day delivered exactly what it promised. Lee’s enthusiasm was infectious, good presentation style; informative and humorous
Good suggested structure for iPad implementation. Give to staff first for familiarisation and drip feed apps as staff become more confident, examples of practical applications for apps into lessons. Examples of how a lesson might progress using a selection of apps. All examples from lessons graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. Examples of where technology has had impact on progression. Examples of formative assessment enabling children to set their own learning objectives and targets – personalised learning.

Lots of practical advice:

How to connect iPad to IWB.
How to store and share work including adapting your parental permission policy to include cloud storage.
Purchasing apps.
Organising e-safety awareness for parents.
Lots of recommended, tried and tested apps including ‘must buys’ which are worth the initial cost outlay.
Apps for most curriculum areas including behaviour management and EYFS.
Honest appraisals of apps. The positive aspects and their pitfalls."

Penny Leach, Teacher, St Luke’s Worcester.

"What a fantastic session. . . I didn't realise how much I was missing out on never mind the children! Can't wait to feedback to teachers at school. Just hope they feel as enthused as I do!"

Rachel Mather, Teacher, St Peters CE, Rochdale.

Lee, this session was just brilliant. I get so much from your blog, but I can honestly say I am even more inspired hearing you in person. The ideas you have are innovative and truly engaging for the children. A huge thank you to one of the best CPD courses I have ever been on!

Cherise Duxbury, Teacher, St Bedes CE Primary.

"Fantastic training, providing really insightful and practical ways to embed ICT across the curriculum. Definitely recommend this to all teacher. Absolutely Brilliant! Cheers."

Matthew Boyle, Deputy Head, St Michaels Primary.

"Fantastic training! Thoroughly enjoyed the day and have so many new and exciting ideas to take back to the classroom and share with staff. Really interested in whole school staff training. Thank you!"

Lynda Hulson, Teacher, Barnton Primary, Cheshire.

"Fantastic twilight yesterday, inspired and excited staff, thoroughly recommend to others, will be booking a follow up for 13-14!"

Joe Maguire, Deputy Head, Gorseybank.

"Been to a few iPad sessions: yours was definitely the most useful. You 'get it’ because you're a primary teacher. Thanks for some ace ideas!"

Matthew Ellis, ICT Co-ordinator, Mersey Vale.